Wednesday, January 25, 2006

week 1: a review

well, week one is down and there are so many left to go. last week i decided to try to come up with my own eating plan & incorporate exercise to help jump start this weighloss thing. my plan? eat SOMETHING (healthy) for breakfast! my company caters lunch everyday, so i decided to eat the salad or chicken (when served), and for dinner i bought a bunch of Smart Ones by Weight Watchers. I also bought a bag of frozen chicken breats & frozen veggies, so when i get home i can just warm them up, and they're ready. everything is super quick and healthy. i did a good job sticking to my eating plan. it is so simple and the food is actually good. with my Smart One, i usually add some of the veggies, so i feel fuller. so far it's working. now the only thing i need to get under control is snacking throughout the day. there is so much candy, pretzles, chocolate, and sodas around my office, it's crazy. it's VERY tempting & i've been cheating (eating M&Ms!). i have switched to diet sodas, and while i know they aren't that good for you, i've eliminated the empty calories of regular soda (i'm a recovering Pepsi Junkie).

so...did my plan work? well...i went to the gym 3 times last week (worked out w/ a trainer once), and i watched what i ate a lot more, but i didn't seem to drop any weight. i think this may be due to the fact that Aunt Flow came & brought some excess water weight with her. now that she's gone, hopefully i will see the scale move.

tonight, it's back to Bally's for a Kwando (kick boxing) class. wish me luck & if you're on a weightloss mission. keep it up!

oh...i will try to post my "before" picture & my measurements next time. stay tuned.

Monday, January 16, 2006


a year later & i'm still in the fight. my life has changed DRASTICALLY since my last post. the most important being i found out i was preggo in Feb 2005, and my son was born in October 2005! so that put a serious cramp in my workout plans. i did manage to avoid gaining a whole bunch of weight during my pregnancy (about 30lbs), but here i am...begining 2006 with a post-pregnancy jelly belly! it must go, along with....let's say 50lbs? actually according to my BMI, i need to drop about 70 to be in the "normal" range, but we'll see what happens and how i look when i hit the 40lbs mark. then i will decide if i will continue to try to lose weight or maintain.

i am @ work i will have to update this later today. but folks...i'm BACK! and i'm "back in the fight" as Harvy (of Celeb. Fit Club) would say.

who's with me??


Thursday, January 13, 2005

day 9: still trucking

Day 9: Still trucking along

So I've completed the one week mark of my new workout plan (Power90) and I feel good. I'm not going to say I LOVE working out, because I don't. However, I do love how it feels once I'm done. Once the soreness passes, a feeling of accomplishment courses through my veins, and I feel like I'm doing something. I guess it's too early to see progress, but I think I'm starting to see a change in my arms.

One thing that's going to be more of a struggle than working out is eating right. Damn, it's hard to avoid all of the things that taste so good. I love McDonalds fries, but I'm proud I only had them once. Pizza is another demon that needs to be conquered, but I think that as long as I don't try to go soup nazi on myself, I'll be cool.

Moderation: the key to success

b. pearl
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Saturday, January 08, 2005

day 5

i had a mcdonalds relapse last night. i was trying hard to aviod it & eating all together, but my boyfriend and i went out last night & played pool. i didn't drink & only had 1 soda (yay me!). it was damn near 3am & MickyDs was the only place still serving food. for all you late night food addicts...they don't serve salads that late at night (damn them). but it's ok to have a relapse every now and then, as long as i don't make it a habit, so i'm not beating myself up over it.

it's creeping up to 9:30pm & i still haven't exercised today. i had all intentions of wakinig up early to do it, but we had people over all day (and i woke up at noon *lol*). i WILL exercise tonight though. that's a promise.

tomorrow i'm playing dodgeball for the 1st time since 5th grade. hopefully i won't get cracked upside my head. pray.

still working it out,
b. pearl

Thursday, January 06, 2005

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day 3: getting down to business

shit. i just wrote up this whole post & now it's gone. unlike myself, my patience is very i'm going to give you the short version.

i started the Power90 program on Jan. 4th & so far i'm on day 3. i feel great. i am a little sore (my abs & legs!), but it's the kind of sore that you appreciate because it signals that you are actually working.

in addition to working out, i am also trying to "watch" what i eat. nope, i'm not on atkins, south beach, or any other diet, i'm just trying to make sure everything i eat is somewhat healthy. this means opting for a sandwhich (with veggies, no cheese, mustard, no mayo) over a slice of pizza), and cutting back on my pepsi intake. i LOVE pepsi & have had days where it is all i drink, so i'm really trying to cut back on sodas (empty calories) and drink more water. so far i've done a pretty good job. it's not EXTREMELY hard not to eat junk, but it is something i have to keep under close watch.

aside from being a lover of food, music, movies, & beautiful men :), i am a magazine junkie. i'm LOVING this time of year (the begining of a new year), because every magazine has articles on "changing your life." i'm not in need of dr. phil, but i do enjoy articles that give me ideas about taking charge & IMPROVING my life. there are so many things i want to accomplish this year, and losing weight is only one of them. this year i am focusing on my physical & fiscal health, as well as mapping out the next....5 years of my life. i am quickly approaching 25, so i SERIOUSLY need to think about where i want to be when i reach 30. what goals do i want to accomplish? where do i see myself? those types of questions have been banging around in my head & it is time i committ them to paper. only then will i REALLY "get a grip" and improve this WONDERFUL life God gave me.

what are your plans for 2005?

check this out:
the Jan issues of Self, Elle, Mare Clare, and Essence all have articles i love. also check out the Feb issue of Women's Day.

be blessed,

Sunday, January 02, 2005

in the begining there was food Posted by Hello

Thursday, December 30, 2004

the begining

in the begining there was food
.........& food was good

what is weightless05?
weightless 2005 is my personal blog to document my weightloss journey in the coming year.

why write about it?
like a lot of people, i've been struggling with my weight for my entire life. most of my childhood was spent hiding behind sarcasm, jokes, and baggy shirts because i was ashamed of my weight. i was never really depressed about it, but i did hate not being able to shop & dress like the other kids. after years of being "thick" and a taste of success (losing 30lbs & keep it off!), i'm ready to finanally improve my health & get the body i want.

by opening a blog & writing about it, this forces me to stick with it. you all will provide a level of accountability that i don't get from myself. so i'm turning to you for support, ideas, and a little butt-kicking when i'm slacking off. deal?

so what's the plan?
well, a while ago i purchased Power90, a home workout dvd. i did some research on it & i liked what i heard. i did the workout for about a week before slacking off. in that week i enjoyed how i felt, and thought i saw some changes. unfortunately i went about it all wrong. i know i'm not a morning person, but i decided to try to work out every morning @ 6am (before work). bad idea. i should have been more realistic about the whole situation & found a better time to work out. well, i've learned from that mistake & i won't be making it again. i'm going to give Power90 another try (Starting Monday, Jan. 3rd, 2005) & i'm going to stick with it this time. if there are any P90 folks out there, feel free to join me & post your comments and/or results.

alright..that's it for today. tomorrow i will get into the specifics (the who, the what, the where, etc). i know you're DYING to find out more about moi, so tune into tomorrow.

bklyn pearl